Congratulations !!!! You've made it to the AtariAge LOSERS PAGE. Hats off to you !
If you feel that you've been listed here in error, please email us with an apology and an explination for your actions. - Management.
All the remarks below is from the AtariAge 8-Bit forum against RPC-GAMES! The users below posted these posts themselves.
You have 01 days before we take class action. Your choice, so make it a good one.
Don't need the AtariAge posts anymore, all has been emailed to our lawyers.
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Apology table: Here you will stay until an apology is received. 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, your here to stay.
Mclaininc: Total Loser - You just can't drop it can you. You now rank as TOTAL LOSER. Congrats. - Steve.
albert: Loser
flashjazzcat: Here is the second biggest Loser from AtariAge. Still a Loser and always will be.
shamus: Loser
kogden: Congrats Kevin Ogden, you ARE the biggest LOSER from AtariAge.
rybags: Loser
pixelmischief: Loser.

RPC-CHAT Coming soon...
flashjazzcat: I see your working on a GUI for the Atari 8-bit, 5 years in the making. WOW !!!! That's great and I find nothing wrong with that ;)
Centron 3D for the Atari 8-Bit was completed in 3 weeks so I guess 3 weeks and 5 years is about the same. :) I hope nobody has paid
for it and is still waiting for their copy. Now that would be bad. Very bad. Where did I read about that? hmmm Can't remember right now ;)
We all at RPC-GAMES! watched your music video on YouTube, Not bad, we didn't know you were an artist. I may even put the YouTube link for
everyone to see, seeing that it's public accessable just like the YouTube video you made mocking us and degrading my business
RPC-GAMES for the world to see. We at RPC GAMES are so proud of you. When does your album come out? 5 years, 10 years?
We can't wait to hear it. We will also personally buy your album, In fact everybody on AA might even buy it, you never know. Oh,
Have you told Deborah about your up coming court case? 01 days to go before we file the class action with
the above lawyers against you and AtariAge. If you think we have no grounds, think again.

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